Monday, October 14, 2013

Busy Year

We haven't posted a great deal this year as there has been a huge amount going on within Scotgrid since January.

The main news this year has been Stuart's departure to Saint Andrews University from the Glasgow Scotgrid Team. Stuart's role within EGI, ROD and Grid Ops as well as the Glasgow site and his development work on MPI at Glasgow says a lot about his rather busy part-time role within Scotgrid. The word Factotum or "make everything" springs to mind when describing his input.
We all wish Stuart the very best at Saint Andrews.

The Glasgow site has suffered from issues with the coolant infrastructure since January. To mitigate this the University is upgrading both the power and air conditioning within the Kelvin Building. This work will include the installation of a Generator and UPS system as well as new air conditioning units. This is a long term project and will be completed by the summer of 2014.

ECDF has performed incredibly well since January and Durham, while suffering from air con and power issues earlier in the year is now relatively stable.

We have brought in additional VOs with the MVLS group at Glasgow University and are presently in discussions with other non-HEP groups such as bio-chemistry. The most technically challenging project is the proposed investigation into the Lairg Magnetic anomaly by the EarthSci group at Glasgow. This project is difficult due to the lack of network connectivity in the area where the data is being generated, we will report on this soon.

Our primary focus of research, outside of running the sites, have covered GPU work at ECDF, more efficient data management and deployment strategies at Glasgow and ECDF. Additionally, how we utilise containerisation and build smarter cluster restart environments has been investigated by Gareth at Glasgow. David Crook's has done excellent work around aggregating the multiple monitoring platforms that have sprung up within the Grid by utilising the Graphite package.

We have attended and presented in multiple conferences and public outreach events including one during the Edinburgh Festival.

So that is up to date in time for CHEP. Which is on this week. Still trying to work out how quickly the last 18 months went.

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