Friday, August 04, 2006

First entry for the ScotGrid blog.

Edinburgh failing RGMA and APEL for a few days. Possibly their mon box has gone crazy.

Have been investigating icmp firewalling issues to the gridpp network
monitoring box at Glasgow. The network people say we have this open, but the packets just don't get through. Will follow up on Monday.

Glasgow continue to have unresolved delivery problems on the new
cluster. Latest estimate is arrival ~2006-08-21. We have a phone meeting with clustervision on Monday.

Edinburgh had 100s of jobs submitted to their site from a single LHCb
user, giving them a queue of 500+ (with 7 WNs!). This queue has now
risen to 1139! See

Looks like a GGUS ticket heading some user's way...

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Steve Thorn said...

Edinburgh's MON box is rather unwell. It's always been underpowered, and has now stopped responding. Investigation under way...