Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Access for "local users" is now being considered at the new cluster. After looking at the methods supported by NGS partner sites, it would seem that this is a reasonable level of "gridness" to ask of users.

This is then based around:

  1. All of our users have a grid certificate.
  2. gsissh login to svr020,to allow seeding of files and perparation of job environment.
  3. globus-job-submit or edg-job-submit to the gatekeeper (from svr020 or from anyother UI type machine) to submit jobs - i.e., no qsub!

At the site level we then need to ensure:

  • That certificates from this type of user are mapped to the same user account on the UI and CE.
  • That home directories for this class of user are shared across the cluster.

We will dedicate one of the disk servers to this purpose - together with a suitable automount map.

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