Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Andrew has been pushing on with file transfer tests using the new site. The good news is that initial indicators are that we seem to be able to get much better rates: up to 650Mb/s incoming from Edinburgh.

However, he managed to provoke an MCE error twice on disk041 - so this server definately has bad memory.

Fortunately dpm-drain decided to start working (last time I tried to get data off this machine it failed with various bizarre errors) so it was very simple to move the 14GB of files off and remove this partition from the DPM. (Most of the data was dteam test dat, so fingers crossed there's been no corruption of the small number of pheno files.)

ClusterVision have been informed and David is working on a reliable way of triggering these errors so that we can test machines before they go back into production.

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