Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Disk Servers

fdisk doesn't like "big" disks. GNU Parted is better and can do things like cope with GPT disk labels, but it needs some scripting to make it easier. enter one uber-nasty script. Yes I know it doesn't do *any* sanity checking that you've run it on the right host, but hey, sysadmins never make mistakes :-)

cat mkpart.sh
echo "Running script on $1"
ssh $1 <<EOF
$PARTED $DISK mkpartfs primary ext2 0.017 1812371.050
$PARTED $DISK mkpartfs primary ext2 1812371.050 3624742.100
$PARTED $DISK mkpartfs primary ext2 3624742.100 5437113.150
$PARTED $DISK mkpartfs primary ext2 5437113.150 7249484.200
$PARTED $DISK mkpartfs primary ext2 7249484.200 9061855.233

Also discovered while I was doing this that I'd only created a 2.1TB partition on disk040 as I forgot to enable the 64-bit LBA mode. Done and reinitialising volume.

> snmpget -v1 -c <communityname> -Pu -m all areca040 ARECA-SNMP-MIB::volProgress.0
ARECA-SNMP-MIB::volProgress.0 = INTEGER: 313
ie, 31% done so far....

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