Thursday, February 01, 2007

Spent some of the week doing sysadmin work on the new cluster. Discovered that not all raid cards are configured equal thanks to a set of scripts using Net-SNMP. Although Areca are kind enough to supply the MIB Files for the Raid cards, they're badly written and contain underscores in the definitions. I already discovered a workaround last week but as I've just installed Nagios on the master node (together with the magic mod-ssl incantation to make parts of the site only accessible to named DN's) I discovered that the check_snmp plugin doesn't work with it.

One quick hack of the source file to add in
asprintf (&command_line, "%s -Pu -t %d -r %d -m %s -v %s %s %s:%s %s",

and it works as well as can be expected. Raised a ticket to try and get something better propogated upstream.

Now working on a Makefile and a pile of shell scripts to automagically generate a set of nagios configs to check each node before Paul integrates it all with MonAMI. Crib notes and more info available on the GridPP Nagios Page

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