Thursday, February 15, 2007

Steve Lloyd was still having problems writing into Durham's DPM. I nabbed an ATLAS user and got them to help me, which has revealed an incredibly weird problem:

If the user is unknown to the DPM then lcg-cr will fail, with the cryptic error "transport endpoint not connected". Attempting to srmcp reveals an authentication failure: "SRMClientV1 : CGSI-gSOAP: Could not find mapping for: USERS_DN". Somehow the srm daemon is refusing to authenticate the user properly. It's actually quite a deep problem in the GSI chain, because the daemon doesn't even get as far as logging anything about the connection.

Drilling further down, to globus-url-copy, then revealed a bizarre work around: a globus-url-copy command will create the mapping from the user's DN to a pool account. After this is done everything starts to work properly.

We've checked to see if it's a problem with VOMS proxies and it isn't. It also doesn't seem to affect DPNS itself - even users who can't copy in files can do a dpns-mkdir and they get a new entry in Cns_userinfo fine.

Very mysterious.

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