Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Finalising New VOs on DPM

In the course of trying to debug some proxy problems for Hannah Cumming from Total, I discovered that new VOs were not properly enabled on our DPM.

A bit more investigation revealed another gridmap file which is used for the DPM and the LFC, /opt/lcg/etc/lcgdm-gridmap. It is also to be necessary to run the YAIM config_mkgridmap on DPM nodes. I have amended the wiki instructions appropriately.

I wasted quite a lot of time on this yesterday, because I was worried that there was some issue with pool account names longer that 8 characters. I'm very glad this turns out not to be the case as it would have been a real pain to redo the new VOs with short pool account names.

A very strange side effect is that I seem to have broken lcg-cr for me - and only when done on svr017. This is the error I get:

svr017:~$ lcg-cr -n 1 --vo dteam -v file://etc/group -d svr018.gla.scotgrid.ac.uk
Using grid catalog type: lfc
Using grid catalog : prod-lfc-shared-central.cern.ch
Source URL: file://etc/group
File size: 523
VO name: dteam
Destination specified: svr018.gla.scotgrid.ac.uk
Destination URL for copy: gsiftp://disk036.gla.scotgrid.ac.uk/disk036.gla.scotgrid.ac.uk:/gridstore0/dteam/2007-03-27/file0d9b09fa-9efd-4ee8-8c3e-b504f175f231.389985.0
# streams: 1
# set timeout to 0 seconds
Alias registered in Catalog: lfn:/grid/dteam/generated/2007-03-27/file-54f896cf-4e4c-408a-b23e-40cb9196256b
the server sent an error response: 550 550 disk036.gla.scotgrid.ac.uk:/gridstore0/dteam/2007-03-27: Permission denied.


  • I have compared my environment with Andrew's and there's no meaningful difference - yet he can lcg-cr fine from svr017.
  • It works when I do the lcg-cr from ppeui.
  • rfio, globus-url-copy and srmcp all work perfectly (for both gridpp and dteam VOs).
  • I have tried using different streams in lcg-cr but that makes no difference at all.

I'm relegating this to the curiosity pile...

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