Monday, April 30, 2007

Grieg re-testing DPM 1.6.3 rfio

Thanks to Greig for retesting our DPM 1.6.3's rfio.

The good news is that the code changes from 1.5.10 drastically reduce the number of rfio_open() failures. These now only crop up at about 70 clients (all within 1 second). The average open time is also much more stable, never rising above 2.5s.

However, we now see a problem with io wait on the disk server, and the total LAN rate struggles to reach 200MB/s, where as 1.5.10 easily reached 400Mb/s.

This remains to be investigated, but the only change on the disk servers is the update of DPM version, so I think it must be a DPM issue.

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Greig A Cowan said...

It's GREIG!!