Thursday, April 05, 2007

Server Spread

Scotgrid-Glasgow continues to grow. Not only do we have the vobox for a user group, but we now have a brace of test Scientific Linux 5 servers kickstarted and ready to go. Changes that we needed to make to our existing setup were minimal, the main one being the need to add noipv6 to the PXE command line, otherwise the installer hunts (and fails) for an IPv6 address by DHCP.

I have also added a "sl5" flavour to our local repository for Misc Stuff RPMs (such as cfengine) in both i386 and x86_64. One niggle is that you have to run createrepo once in each location if you use the $basearch variable in the repo config source.

Next step - install apache onto one of the boxes, tweak config and see if it has all the correct mirroring arrangements and replace the brain dead svr031 versiom.

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