Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brain transplant leftovers

Bah! yum update has failed to get the headers (404) when tested on a client node and the pxe/dhcp/tftp part of the build process still needs working on. We've also got 2 nodes that require a re-image to bring them under the full control of the build system. Looks like today is going to be spent making sure the YPF is working properly.

Stuff that needs to be done:
* clusterdb to dnsmasq - it should spit out the MAC addressess to file ready to use.
* Check all the apache aliases for build
* check the autokick stuff.

then reimage machines. Hopefully that'll reduce the no of red bits in nagios down to a less boss-scaring amount. Once thats done we can work on removing the false alarms (where we monitor non-existing services that we know are't configured yet)

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