Monday, June 25, 2007

Glasgow RB now in BDII

After humming and hawing about our "trial" RB, I decided to bite the bullet and publish it into the site, and thence top level, BDII. This makes things easier for the RTM, among other things. So far the RB has been really trouble free to run and had been lightly loaded - fingers crossed.

I think our "policy" here should be to support VOs in which we have a strong interest, e.g., ATLAS, gridpp, pheno, ScotGrid VOs. This will mean splitting our site-info.def file, though, because there will be a different list of supported VOs on the RB to the CE/SE.

Of course, the LCG-RB's days should be numbered - it seems that the gLite WMS now outperforms it. If this is true then there really is little point in trying to learn about it, instead we should put our efforts into the new system.

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