Tuesday, June 26, 2007

RB Twiddles

Steve Lloyd's started to monitor our RB. So far things look good! I also discovered that SAM had picked up the RB and was at least checking its host certificate. I have now added the RB to the GOC and requested monitoring - another pair of eyes to pick up problems.

As we are getting rather more officially known, I've reduced the number of advertised VOs on the Glasgow RB to ops, dteam (for testing), atlas, pheno and gridpp. There's a slightly different site-info.def used for the RB to do this (site-info-rb.def) and I changed cfengine to run against this file if the node needs rebuilt.

Even though the RB has only been up for 3 months the MySQL database is now 270MB. Although this is well below the 4GB where Olivier has reported problems, we will have to monitor this to ensure we don't get into stability problems.

At the moment, though, the machine is very lightly loaded.

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