Monday, July 23, 2007

Return of Globus Error 79...

Glasgow suffered a bit from the infamous Globus Error 79 last week - the one we think might be the unexplained gatekeeper identity error. In fact it was bit of a flaky week altogether - Steve Lloyd's tests seemed to be suffering from some RB issues and most sites dropped into the 70% efficiency range last week.

Overall though, even the "bad" weeks are not so bad as the gridview availability plot shows (remember this is a "warts and all" plot - no excuses or chances to mark things as non-relevant) we seem to still be 95% plus.

However, the gatekeeper error is a real pest and I still don't have a good way of even trying to get a handle on it. I checked in the gatekeeper logs, against some known error events of this type (David found these on 11 June), but alas there's no clear signature.

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