Monday, July 09, 2007

Top Level BDII Updated to Glue 1.3/yaim 3.0.1

I upgraded our top level BDII today, so it should now happily understand the Glue 1.3 schema. This was the deadline for the upgrade set in the EGEE operations meeting - BDIIs have to be upgraded from the top down, because they don't like information provided by lower levels to be in a schema they don't understand.

This was a more significant thing it might first seem, as I also went very carefully through our site-info.def file and used the latest 3.0.1 yaim to configure the node.

It turned out that there were significantly fewer changes than I had thought there would be. The main additions seemed to be exposing new BDII configuration variables, and changing the way that queues are configured, to allow for queues accessible to FQANs. Of course, much of this is not relevant to the BDII/MON box, which doesn't care about users or VOs, but it proves that there's no major errors in the new configuration.

I have noticed that the startup time for the BDII is slower, presumably as it's creating all of its index files; however, the performance should be much better.

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