Friday, September 14, 2007

ECDF for Beginners

Basically, this is proving far more painful than anticipated. Although the MON/LFC box has been configured, the CE is proving seriously problematic. The ECDF team thought that SL3 was not a winner for GPFS, so Sam tried using the gLite 3.0 CE on top of SL4. This didn't work (not unexpectedly). Although we know that the lcg-CE has been built for gLite 3.1, it's not yet even been released to pre-production, so clearly there's nothing we can use for a production site. So Ewan reinstalled the CE with SL3, in order to install the old gLite 3.0 version. However, it then proved to be very difficult to get GPFS working on SL3, so this is still a work in progress. How long it will take to resolve is anyone's guess.

GPFS is necessary for the software area and the pool account home directories. At this point I would just buy a 500GB disk from PC world and run with that for a month while we wait for the gLite 3.1 CE, but we can't do that with machines other people are running.

Getting the site certified for the end of the month now looks challenging.


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