Thursday, September 20, 2007

SL4/5 All bets are ON!

In the wake of Glasgow's upgrade to SL4 Andrew and I were quipping about when we would go to SL5. I jokingly said next year, but really thinking in 18 months.

However, after some discussion, Dr Paul Millar contends that more that 50% of UKI sites will still be running SL4 on the stroke of midnight, 1st January 2010.

Dr Millar - I take that bet. I think that more than 50% will be running something more recent that Sl4 on that date.

Further, Paul thinks that there will be at least one UKI site running SL4 in January 2013 (after the end of lifetime for RHEL4). I don't.

In each case the wager is a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label.

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Paul Millar said...

For what it's worth, here is an (ugly) LDAP query for UK sites (those with a Cluster.UniqueID that contains "") that publish that they host a run-time environment with "SLC4" in it somewhere:

for clusterid in $(ldapsearch -LLL -x -H ldap:// -b o=grid '(GlueHostApplicationSoftwareRunTimeEnvironment=*SLC4*)' GlueChunkKey |sed -n '/GlueChunkKey/{s/.*=//;p}'|sort | uniq|grep; do ldapsearch -LLL -x -H ldap:// -b o=grid "(GlueClusterUniqueId=$clusterid)" GlueForeignKey | sed -n '/GlueSiteUniqueID/{s/.*=//;p}'; done | sort | uniq

DISCLAIMER: I don't know the full semantics of these comp. environment strings. I'm guessing that, if they mention SLC4 then they are environments that use ScientificLinux v4.x

As of 2011-10-04, there are fourteen UK sites publishing an *SLC4* environment.