Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yarr! Thats not line noise, it's Perl (me hearties)

Avast Ye Salty Sea-dogs - It be the glasgow upgrade day today (as well as international talk like a pirate day). Graeme gave me a minor task to do - come up with a new userid/groupid/passwd/shadow/yaim config generator script for the pool accounts. Simple enough, should only take half a day or so....

Much swearing at Python later, I gave up at 1AM this morning and resorted to trusty Perl. Done in 48 lines (including comments) and 2 hours. I think Python and I are going to take a looooong time to get aquainted properly.

I'm sure G will blog in more detail - Worker nodes went fairly smothly, few niggles - seems that about 24 simultaneous installs cause tftp timeouts. Discovered the Sandbox dirs on the RB needed their ownerships changing - again another Perl script to the rescue with the trick I learned from Steve Andrews - just get your script to print the command line you'd like to stdout, then once you've checked it looks reasonable, run it again piped through | /bin/sh

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