Thursday, October 25, 2007

Glasgow Down - Power Outage

We lost power in the Kelvin Building this morning just before 9am. News is:

Power outage
25/10/07 08:49 BST
We have been informed by Estates and Buildings that there is a power
outage in the Kelvin Building among others. The Kelvin buildings
router provides network services to other buildings and so there will
be no network service in the following buildings:
Kelvin, Davidson, West-medical, Pontecorvo and Anderson colleges,
Joseph-Black, Bower, Estates, Garage, Zoology and shares the medical
school with Boyd-Orr.
Scottish power are working on the problem. Further information as it
becomes available.

We've EGEE broadcast and put in an unscheduled downtime.

Really annoying - we were running along very nicely when this happened (although we'd had to shut down 20 WNs because of the loss of an a/c unit on Tuesday).

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