Monday, November 26, 2007

ECDF - nearly there...

Thanks to the efforts of Greig and Sam, ECDF now has storage set up. Not a lot of storage (just 40MB), but it proves the headnode is working and the information system is correctly configured.

This means we are now fully passing SAM tests. Hooray!

Of course, passing SAM tests is only the first step though, and there are 3 outstanding issues which I have discovered using an atlas production certificate:
  1. I was mapped to a dteam account when I submitted my job (not quite as bad as you think - I am obviously in dteam and this was the default grid-mapfile mapping after LCMAPS had failed).
  2. There's no 32bit python - this has been passed to Ewan for dealing with (along with the list of other compat 32 RPMs.
  3. There's no outbound http access. This hobbles a lot of things for both ATLAS and LHCb.
It feels like we're in the home straight at last though!

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