Thursday, December 13, 2007

Grid-Monitoring Nagios tests

Finally (after a long interval) I reinvestigated getting the LCG Grid Service Monitoring Working Group nagios tests installed at Glasgow.

I had tried once before, but it needed nagios on our UI. This time I added a UI to our nagios host (nice n simple - simply added the hostname into the relevant UI group in cfengine). Works fairly well - I've got it installed and polling the SAM tests via the sam-API and picking up the results. I still need to get certificate proxy renewals working, and merge the records together with our existing definitions for the hosts (we use non-qualified names, the wlcg.cfg used FQDNs)

As the screen shot shows - We've already got a lot of green - and if we can nail the cert problems I'll switch it over to use the normal notification system

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