Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SRM2.2 Configuration for FDR/CCRC

I configured Glasgow's DPM for the SRM 2.2 space tokens required by ATLAS for FDR/CCRC:

svr018:~# dpm-reservespace --gspace 10T --lifetime Inf --group atlas --token_desc ATLASDATADISK

Easy, eh!

I notice that there is no dpm-listspaces command, which means that one has to grub around inside the database to find out what spaces are currently defined.

Two additional notes for other T2s:

  1. Transfers from DDM are done using a vanilla atlas proxy for now (belonging to Mario Lassnig), so make sure the token is writable by the atlas group, not, e.g., atlas/Role=production.
  2. All that is needed for CCRC is 3TB, however this is based on a 1 week cleaning cycle. If, like Glasgow, you have lots of space, then making the area bigger means the cleaning is not critical. (The space can be updated later with dpm-updatespace.)

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