Friday, February 22, 2008

Durham - DPM v1.6.7, Space Tokens etc

Well this is the first of hopefully many posts from Durham. So firstly a quick update, well Durham seem have been ticking along nicely - with the exception of a few network and power outages over the last few months. SAM tests are passing and ATLAS, Pheno and many other VOs are successfully running jobs. Versions of the lcg software is a little out of date in places – but this is work in progress.

So with a little encouragement and help from Greig I finally took the plunge and upgraded our SE to DPM v1.6.7. After getting the yum repositories correct, it was a case of stopping the daemons, running yum update, making the DPM schema changes (we were upgrading from an old version of DPM), and then restarting the daemons... done... or so we thought!

Everything was working, file copies in and out of our SE, reserving space tokens, etc... the only gotcha was that we were publishing "GlueSAStateAvailableSpace: 0"... which wasn't true. After a little investigation, and with the help of Greig, we noticed that /opt/lcg/var/gip/plugin/lcg-info-dynamic-se was pointing to a beta version of lcg-info-dynamic-dpm. Changed this to remove the beta and bingo... all working correctly.

I have then setup to publish the space tokens as shown here here, and all is done.

A good days work, until a major network outage at the JANET/NorMAN level knocked us out most of the night... typical. We seem to have recovered now though so we should be back on track.

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