Monday, February 25, 2008

Upgrade to gLite 3.1 - Notebook

It was well over a year since we'd done a "from the top" install of the CE, so a few things were different:
  • The information system has been re-branded. It's now configured in /opt/glite/etc/gip, although many of the plugins are still running from /opt/lcg.
  • The CE information system is upgraded to use the BDII (on 2170).
  • The site BDII also now uses a wrapper script to get all information, rather than coding the list of GRISs/BDIIs to query (GIP file:///opt/glite/libexec/glite-info-wrapper).
  • LCAS and LCMAPS now also run out of /opt/glite.
  • Pool account mappings are now done to a random pool account, rather than the "next" free one. In addition the hardlink syntax used for assigning a pool account to a DN has changed slightly (using colons to indicate VOMS attributes after the DN).

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