Friday, March 28, 2008

brain dead batch systems

why oh why are some of the batch utilities so brain dead? simple case of 'qstat -r' should show who's running jobs right? wrong as it outputs based on a fixed 8 character width for username. doh. so 'prdatlas' and biomed06 seem to be busy. Well not quite as if I do a qstat -f | egrep " e(group|user) " | sort -u I see that it's prdatlas028 and several biomed06? users. grr...

I may install Job Monarch from sara but in the meantime it'll be some hacky PHP to parse the outputs a bit more cleanly

Also, despite having 493 running jobs at the moment (we're down on our capacity as I'm still doing a rolling upgrade to SL4.6 and a new kernel) there are a very small number of users on the system

svr031:~# qstat -f | grep euser | sort -u | wc -l

not good, Especially if they decide to take a break.

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SteveT said...

You may find that qstat -x is helpful, dumps out a qstat -f in XML. Also
I noticed in the changelog. Also
qstat -f -1 stops it doing that stupid line wrapping.