Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Edinburgh as an LHCb Tier-1?

I've just been accused (jokingly, I hope) of trying to turn Edinburgh into LHCb's 7th Tier-1. The attached plot shows the recent data transfers that I have been running into our dCache. The rates are good (~35MB/s), but not particularly special. However, against a background of zero, it certainly made LHCb jump up and take notice ;) Maybe this will convince them that Tier-2s really can be used for analysis jobs...

I should note that during these transfers one of the dCache pools was about to melt (see below). I've since reduced the max number of movers on each pool to something more reasonable. For the tests, I created a small application that spawned ~50 simultaneously lcg-cp's that were all transferring files from CERN CASTOR to Edinburgh. Who needs FTS when you've got DIRAC and lcg_utils? Now all I need is someone else's proxy and I'll never be caught... ;) But, on a serious note, I suppose this does show that people can create tools to abuse the system and get round the official FTS channels, which could impact the service for other users.

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