Wednesday, April 02, 2008

ECDF running for ATLAS

ECDF have now passed ATLAS production validation. The last link in the chain was ensuring that their SRMv1 endpoint was enabled on the UK's DQ2 server at CERN - this allows the ATLAS data management infrastructure to move input data to ECDF.

After that problem was corrected this morning the input data was moved from RAL, a production pilot picked up the job and ran it then the output data was moved back to RAL.

I have asked the ATLAS production people to enable ECDF in the production system and I have turned up the pilot rate to pull in more jobs.

We had a problem with the software area not being group writable (for some reason Alessando's account mapping changed), but this has now been corrected and an install of 14.0.0 has been started.

It's wonderful to now have the prospect of running significant amounts of grid work on the ECDF resource. Well done to everyone!

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