Friday, April 25, 2008

#include <documentation.h>

I quote from the DPM Developer Documentation

LFC/DPM Database schema
TO DO : describe non straight forward tables/fields....

so, with that in mind, I set about pulling out the number of SRM 2.2 requests vs the no of SRMv1 requests at the site. v1 should be constant (what with all the new users coming onboard) and SRM 2.2 being a rapid increase since we enabled it? well it's not easy to grep from the logs so I thought I'd poke the DB. First off in dpm_db.dpm_req r_type a char(1) field normally has g (get?) and p (put?) but we have just over 1500 rows where type is 'B' (broken?). hmm - all from flavia's DN and clienthost of lxdev25

my plots of the dpm usage are far too spikey to make sense of at the moment, but I'll work on presenting the info a bit clearer.
In the meantime I discovered that it's pretty obvious when we set torque to fill the jobslots in host order (made it easier to drain nodes off) and when we send nodes away to vendors.

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