Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Powercut at Durham

Ok, first blog post here...

On sunday, our machine room's UPS caused a brief power failure, which unfortunately tripped some breakers so we had to call out the electricians before we could start restoring service.

The UPS will take some time to repair, so Durham will be at risk for a while.

On the plus side, the changes involved with the SE rebuild have been proven to survive a reboot!

Just realised that I forgot to say that the site is back online, and has been since sunday evening, it is just currently at mercy of the power company.

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David Ambrose-Griffith said...

Murphy was alive and well this morning as a brief power interruption affected the whole of Durham City.

Despite having no UPS protection, our servers and nodes carried on regardless this morning, without a single one rebooting.

Our Central IT service was less lucky, with their UPS failing to handle the blip, and thus suffering a complete power outage to their machine room, taking our external connectivity with it.

As soon as the campus network was back up, our site started accepting jobs again.

I'm tempting fate by posting this, so lets see how the next few days go power-wise.