Friday, July 11, 2008

Space tokens aplenty!

Glasgow have deployed the ATLAS PROD, USER and GROUP disk space tokens, in line with the requirements of this GGUS ticket.

As we're running DPM, the procedure was fairly trivial, and is documented on the ScotGrid wiki.

We've also fixed and re-enabled the DPM information provider script, which Graeme reported broken in this blog posting.

An ldapsearch query shows that we're now advertising the new tokens correctly:

# atlas:ATLASPRODDISK:online,, resource, grid
dn: GlueSALocalID=atlas:ATLASPRODDISK:online,GlueSEUniqueID=svr018.gla.scotgri,Mds-Vo-name=resource,o=grid
objectClass: GlueSATop
objectClass: GlueSA
objectClass: GlueSAPolicy
objectClass: GlueSAState
objectClass: GlueSAAccessControlBase
objectClass: GlueKey
objectClass: GlueSchemaVersion
GlueSARoot: atlas:/dpm/
GlueSAPath: /dpm/
GlueSAType: permanent
GlueSALocalID: atlas:ATLASPRODDISK:online
GlueSAName: Replica online storage for VO atlas

All in all, a productive few minutes' work...I wonder how those with dCache are coping...

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