Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CE-sft-lcg-rm-rep fail

Ho Hum - After sorting out the gatekeeper, we still get a sam fail. Wait a minute...

Checking replication to Central SE (

Replicate the file from the default SE to

+ lcg-rep -v --vo ops -d lfn:sft-lcg-rm-cr-node114.beowulf.cluster.080827052321.475531
Using grid catalog type: lfc
Using grid catalog :
Source SE type: SRMv1
Destination SE type: SRMv1
httpg:// No space left on device
lcg_rep: No space left on device
+ result=1
+ set +x

No space on device? grr - don't these people have monitoring ;-)


Elwell said...

update on the above - looks like a problem with the version of lcg_utils installed on the WN. We've taken the 2 recent rebuilds offline pending further investigation

Elwell said...

see for bug report