Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mmmm. Shiny!

Yesterday we took delivery of one of the new workernodes that we're purchasing for the 'Phase 2' expansion of Glasgow.

Basically - Supermicro 6015TW-T servers with dual motherboards, each with 2* quad core 2.5GHz intel CPUs. Oh, and 2G RAM per core and a 500G HDD per motherboard.

Integration into the YPF installer was suprisingly painless - I generated a hundred or so new SSH keys and configs for the new boxes (still to do the cfengine ones - they're slightly fiddlier). updated the database of MAC addresses, wrote out the dnsmasq config and restarted the dnsmasq daemon. did a 'setboot' and lo, up n running.

Annoyingly I had to make some minor BIOS changes to these - we always want the nodes to power up in the event of a 'power failure' (ie, we shot them with the APC masterswitch) and there's no point them asking for a PXE boot off the second NIC (its not connected)

oh and the last bunch of workers had IDE disks not SATA (change kickstart to /dev/sda not /dev/hda for target).

So - status is the 2 machines are up n configured, now to get them into Torque (which is still playing sillybuggers wrt the gLite version - they package a pre-release 2.3.0 and it doesn't have the libtorque.0 for monami. Oh and diagnose -f truncates at 65k characters....

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