Saturday, October 11, 2008

Well Done Guys!

Well, I was waiting for Mike and Andrew to blog this, but they haven't. They very successfully upgraded Glasgow's DPM to the native 64bit version on Monday last week (when we had upgraded to SL4 only the 32 bit version was available). This was a significant step forwards but required the head node and all of the disk servers to have their OS rebuilt without losing data, and the database restored onto the head node.

It went very well and we were up and running again within 6 hours - no data lost!

We are also seeing an improvement in the SAM test results, with the spurious 'gSOAP' errors which were plaguing us now seemingly having gone (fingers crossed!).

It's terrible that the LHC is not running right now, but it does mean that interventions like this can be done.

Great work guys!

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