Friday, November 07, 2008

mmm, shiny (take 2)

It's here, It's grey and It's cubic. Oh and it has lots of blinkenlights. (aside: but not as many as here -- go and look at the arcade videos) - its the new cluster!

The Vendor install team took 3 days to get the basics in and on a burn-in, now its up to us to get the build and acceptance done. Mike has been working tirelessly on it and has been 'aquainted' with some of the rougher bits of YPF that we never really finished off (keygeneration, interface config scripts etc --- stuff that only needs to be done once per big group of new hardware delivery)

Anyway - we've now fired off a pile of installs and have node142-310 built and running stress (ta Mike) and I've been working on the disk servers -- they're now in a test pool and will be getting a pile of files written shortly.

what else -- The cold aisle containment seems good -- makes a huge difference to the airflow efficiency - hopefully reflected in the aircon load efficiency.

more news as we go and more pics soon, but you've gotta love the simple dpm-queryconf output of
CAPACITY 363.79T FREE 362.14T (99.5%)

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