Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Source Control with Subversion Resurrection

With forthcoming SA4 tasks to update the scotgrid website and create a local registery of user information we have decided to resurrect the use of subversion as a source control system.

As we all know source control is basic software development practice and is jolly good idea for anything a team of developers want amend on a regular basis. So here it is being used once more on grid01. The current repo is located at /SVN.

The new project for the scotgrid website is scotgrid_www and can be checked out from the usual svn co svn+ssh command or any other svn gui tool. We plan to use this repo for all fabric management scripts. There is already a scotgrid repo which contains similar scripts but this is very out of date and will probably be blown away at some point.

Trac has been installed on grid01 (only accessible from the internal network at present - more to follow on this one ) and is running using the simple trac webserver. I have written a simple daemon to start/stop the service.

This gives a nice http interface to the repo to view files and trac changes. There is also a wiki/project management/ticket management facilities.

I will look to get the backing up of the repo automated in some way.

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