Wednesday, April 08, 2009

torque, consumable resources and glite

I finally got round to install a torque/maui instance on my pre-production cluster at Glasgow. This completes the mini cluster as I had previously installed an SL5 gLite3.2 worker node before going to GridPP collaboration meeting. I will update this blog with a wiki page on what was involved with Torque but there was quite a few gotchas involved in getting it running especially when you have to reconfigure all your nodes from using the production batch system but I got there in the end.

This will be a great help to us for experimentation as we have installed some optics software called Lumerical on our cluster that requires licensing similar to MatLab. This actually works quite nicely when you follow the docs and all you need is to amend your qsub to use a consumable resource ie. a licence. However, it doesn't work so well when you are using EGEE middleware! As now you have three levels of indirection... wms(jdl), lcg-ce(rsl)/cream, torque(qsub). So I think we may need to hack the job manager on our ce's in order to hand craft the consumable resource. This then begs the question, do you do it based on the VO? Meaning one VO per software application - not very flexible or do you do it based on something else that you pass from the JDL, or a combination of both? Some experimenting required.

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