Thursday, July 02, 2009

NGS and EGEE Software Tags

After I reinstalled svr021 (CE) we lost some good work carried out by Andy Elwell to allow NGS software tags to be published along side glite ones through the BDII. I found the original post and re-installed the patch.

Wouldn't it be nice if this was available directly from glite well it is now!

The new script will correctly report information from the ngs-uee-gip-plugin plug-in that the NGS sites use to report applications installed under /usr/ngs.

Jason created the patch, I tested and Laurence Field at CERN has kindly merged the changes into gLite proper and has made an updated RPM available from...

so if you are an NGS affiliate site who runs a glite stack, the rpm above will allow both sets of software tags to be advertised through your BDII. If you try to install ngs-uee-gip-plugin without the new version of glite-info-generic your ngs tags will replace your glite software tags or vice-versa. Now they happily merge rather than replace.

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