Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rest in Peace gLite 3.0 ... finally

Today heralds a poignant day for the members of ScotGrid as we finally waved goodbye to the last gLite 3.0 Service (VOMS) and SL3.0 server in our cluster. The sombre mood was only broken by the arrival of the newborn gLite 3.1 VOMS server running on SL4. There was much flag waving and tears of joy as the first voms-proxy-init was issued and the shiny new web interface marvelled at.

Again Jpackage caused a little confusion as tomcat5 pulls jdk6 unless you exclude it or force an install of jdk5. This is preferred for all you firefox users out there. As if tomcat is running under jdk6 you have to remember to turn off TLS1.0 from the preferences menu in order to get the SSL handshaking to work or you get a nice fat error page! Not very useful for an admin screen let me tell you.

This upgrade was tried last year but was hampered by a lack of database migration scripts. This time around and with the help of these instructions it went swimmingly.

So although it was a sad day for gLite 3.0 and SL3 camp and a small victory for gLite 3.1/SL4, the war is not over. With gLite 3.2 and SL5 closing in on all fronts the battle is only just beginning.

p.s. we have an SL5 set-up so if you want to test, please let me know.

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