Friday, August 28, 2009

multiple WMS yaim problems

I was alerted today by our all new shiny jabber chatroom that we were publishing the same WMS via lcg-infosites. A quick check and there it was....

-bash-3.00$ lcg-infosites --vo camont wms

We recently moved to the latest WMS 3.1 release last week and I thought it may have been down to that. Upon further inspection I found the following GIP plugin:

svr023:/opt/glite/etc/gip/provider# ./glite-info-provider-service-wmproxy-wrapper

which was publishing the wrong WMS.


In the file the problem was an obvious one:


This begs the questios, can YAIM deal with more than one WMS and if so how do you specify them. We had always gone for a quoted, space separated list in site-info.def

WMS_HOST="svr022.$MY_DOMAIN svr023.$MY_DOMAIN"

but perhaps you can't do that any more and you need to override the WMS_HOST in a node specific way. Oh well.

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