Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the sl5 cluster grows

With a view to a full scale migration of Glasgow's worker nodes from sl4 to sl5 in September we have grown the size of our sl5 test cluster from 8 job slots to 112 job slots.

This is accessible for submission to the following queues:

Currently the CE is only advertising and accepting submissions from Atlas and queues are open to sgm/prd/pil account but I am more than welcome to open them to anyone who wishes to test. Just drop me a line and I will create a test software area for any sgm account to install the application software via SL5 and allow access on the CE & Batch Sys for running the jobs.

So far things have been positive for Atlas with software kits now installing on SL5 and attempting to run kit validation. Currently we are failing KV tests, more precisely it failed in the digitization phase, so we then failed the reconstruction.

Nightly builds continue to be run so slowly but surely I'm sure these issues will be ironed out.

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