Thursday, September 24, 2009

gqsub at EGEE09

Just a short note from the EGEE 09 conference. It's been very gratifying to have had so much interest in gqsub at the conference - I even had emails about it scant hours after the poster was put up (and before the offical poster session!).

In response to the comments recieved, I've put a roadmap of planned features up on the gqsub page, which gives an idea of where it's headed.

In addition, v 1.2.0 is out, which implements auto staging back of output. This means that in cases where there is not a shared filesystem between the UI and the worker node, but there is GridFTP server on the UI, then gqsub will pull out the JDL tricks we used earilier with the Lumerical deployment. This results in the illusion of a shared filesystem - the job is submitted, and the output appears in the right places as if it was done in a shared filesystem.

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Elwell said...

Congrats on getting the runner-up award for the poster session too