Friday, September 18, 2009

SL5 migration and CPU deployment

As of last week have now migrated ScotGrid-Glasgow to SL5. This meant worker nodes, DPM's and batch system all becoming SL5 in one big flurry of activity. We started on Monday morning and came out of downtime on Wednesday evening with SAM tests passing. Since then we have been mopping up the remaining issues that cropped up along the way but more on that later.

So as of 16th September 1800 jobs slots running SL5 out of a total of 1912. The remaining 112 job slots have been held back as SL4 till December to allow those VO's with unpatched software kits or that are simply not ready to move to SL5 to run jobs.

Similar to RAL and other sites we have gone with separate CE's between SL4 and SL5 to allow for those VO's that cannot co-exist on the same CE. These CE's will very shortly be submitting to the same batch system using node requirements :SL4, :SL5 set from the CE as described by SouthGrid from their SL3 to SL4 migration. It does necessitate from job manager tweaking but it works. I may try and switch this to submit filter when I get the chance as job manager tweaking is never very robust.

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