Monday, December 14, 2009

(Almost) 100% Success for Glasgow!

We noticed today that (apart from that pesky red mark for CMS over the past 6 months, and some yellow on the WMS tests) we're looking incredibly green and functional on the Glasgow Dashboard at the moment. So, we took a picture before that changed...

(The Glasgow Dashboard is Mike's mashup of all the useful metrics on the web concerning UKI-SCOTGRID-GLASGOW, now over two, alternating, pages. It's actually quite useful, and remarkably festive at this time of year.)


Jan said...

Hi there, is the dashboard's output available somewhere? What about the sources? We're in the process of evaluating various dashboards and we'd love to add your to the mix.

Jan Kundrat, Prague, CZ

Sam Skipsey said...

hi Jan,

The dashboard is presently internal to Glasgow admins, as it is mostly an internal tool.
The sources are all available widely - the dashboard is a mashup of Steve Lloyd's Grid test pages, ATLAS Panda status reports, CMS status reports, our internal cluster load and temperature reports, and the JANET status for our local MAN.