Friday, January 29, 2010

ScotGrid's shrink wrapped UI

In an effort to reduce overhead for new external users who wish to submit to Glasgow I have created a shrink wrapped gLite UI. This comes in the form of a slimmed down Virtual Box SL5 image with pre-installed gLite UI.

The hope is that users from external institutions who wish to run jobs on the EGEE grid and more specifically at ScotGrid will be able to take advantage of this. This is of particular importance for external users of Lumerical's FDTD who are primarily engineers who just want to run the software rather than install an SL5 gLite UI first. The end goal is extending this to help all our users get up and running as quickly as possible.

This will come pre-installed with Glasgow's submission tools such as gqsub and other more specific user scripts. Those wishing a link to download the VM should drop us an email.

Details of the VM image, setting up the UI are available at the wiki.

I am still at a loss how CERN managed to get their VirtualBox image down to 500GB!


Chris said...

Looks like it will solve one of the major problems of getting users on to the grid.

Steve Traylen said...

Is that right? The machine image is 500GB?

dug mcnab said...

from what I remember that was with no KDE or Gnome and no gLite tools.