Friday, March 12, 2010

SSDs - the testing begins!

This Monday (finally!) we received (half) of the SSDs we ordered for our storage testing plans.
These are the Intel G2 X-25s which are intended to represent the mid-range of the SSDs available currently (the low end ones are still due to arrive, and our high end card is being tested differently).

Just as a sneak preview, we had a chance to run iozone against one of the X-25s, in the same configuration as I've previously run against our newer disk servers (in RAID6 mode). As you can see from the graphs below, the SSDs behave exactly as we'd expect - the throughput is almost identical on random or ordered reads, whilst the RAID array suffers significantly from having to seek. Indeed, although the 22 drives in the array give it much better read performance when not seeking, the single X25 seems to equal the RAID array's performance when seeking is needed...

Next thing on the list is testing them in Worker nodes against Analysis and Production workloads.

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