Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Uppsala Begins

The last EGEE User Conference kicked off yesterday in Uppsala, Sweden. In fact this will be the last EGEE event ever as project finally shuts it doors at the end of the month. Even with this sad event looming everyone is in high spirits with the transition to EGI and the change that this will bring. Monday saw the conference begin with some interesting plenaries, including the history of Uppsala University. The 'old' building was the only building to be saved when the entire town burnt down. The 'new' building is actually constructed from the remnants of an old boat. Bought by the builder who was later made bankrupt by stumping up the cash in order to complete the building out of his own pocket. You could never tell that this incredibility ornate main auditorium has columns made of cast iron and an incredibility useful bullet proof ceiling of solid steel plates!

The rest of the day followed with sessions on security, user support, application porting and the 1st of two poster sessions. Tuesday will start with two technical plenaries and the first and last EGEE photo call.

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