Friday, June 04, 2010

Phew, what a scorcher!

Yes, summer has arrived, even in Glasgow, and with it the people of this great city (myself included) are transformed from a whiter-shade-of-pale, into something that can only be described as lobster-esque. We Celts do not tan well.

Alas, it is not all fun and games in the sunshine, because the arrival of fine weather heralds the inevitable air-conditioning problems.

Despite regular love and attention (serviced 3 times a year and recently hosed through with nitrogen) one of our roof-mounted compressors is particularly troublesome. This is most likely a combination of age (~12 years is the best guess) and 24 x 7 load; it serves the warmest corner of our original machine room.

For this reason, I have a site meeting on Monday to discuss options, one of which will hopefully involve the replacement of said compressor before we take delivery of new hardware later this year.

Also under consideration is a home-brew cold-aisle containment system. This will almost certainly be less sophisticated (and cheaper) than our excellent Knuerr racks in the basement, but should result in more intelligent use of the available chilled air.

Until a solution arises, we shall continue to nurse the existing system through the summer months, and take comfort from the fact that there are clearly worse air-conditioning failures a site can suffer...

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