Friday, July 09, 2010

WLCG Workshop

ScotGrid-Glasgow was well represented this week at the WLCG Collaboration Workshop, with the Tier-2 coordinator, site admin and data manager in attendance.

Mike gave a talk outlining steps taken at Glasgow and other Tier-2 sites within the UK to provide effective end user support, both in the WLCG context and also for the smaller VOs.

Graeme, wearing his ATLAS hat, presented the WLCG Service from the Experiments' Viewpoint.

Sam took the opportunity to meet with data-management developers and experts, discussing future plans and pledging Glasgow resources in the form of development-class servers.

The event was covered with photos, video and a blog over at GridCast. Speaking of which...we're don't usually blow our own trumpet (too loudly) at Glasgow, but when it comes from this man, it's worth shouting about!

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