Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CHEP 2010

If things have appeared to be quiet these days, it's mostly because they're anything but! A few changes in staff and new hardware are directing attention; along with conference prep.

Which is where I am right now; CHEP 2010 in Taiwan. And since we arrived it's been raining constantly; makes me feel right at home!

In addition to presenting our work with ARC, it's also interesting to see what's going on elsewhere. From the same session that I was speaking in, there was a talk about Virtual Machine optimisation - which I think will be worth a look when we get back home. It appears that doing some small tweaks can reduce the overhead, in particular the idle time CPU consumption. Although we don't do major computation inside the VM's, by using them for services they spend a good portion of their time idle - so tuning that might be a cunning plan for us.

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