Friday, November 26, 2010

glite-APEL installation

This is my (belated) first post on the Scotgrid blog since I joined Scotgrid Glasgow in August as a System/Data Manager, so hello to everyone.

One thing that we have had planned for a while was to install a glite-APEL publishing server, which I put in place earlier this week. The install process was straightforward following these guides: glite-APEL GOC wiki and Moving APEL to SL5. I found a couple of issues which might be interesting for anyone else installing the service, which I've written up in a wiki page on the Scotgrid wiki: glite-APEL installation notes . One thing in particular that I'd be aware of (which is also mentioned in the other links above) is to make sure that keytool is linked to the correct version before running YAIM - see the wiki link for more details on what we found.

Although we'll keep an eye on the new server over the next few days to make sure that it is behaving correctly, everything seems to have gone smoothly.

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